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AFCA Datacube


Disclaimer for all tables

AFCA has taken every care to create a sound basis for presenting the data in the Comparative Reports. The presentation of the data was based on business information provided by the relevant financial firms to calculate their business size. AFCA has not independently verified that information. While we have every confidence in the responses provided by our members, we also note there is some margin for inconsistency in the ways in which our requests have been interpreted, mainly because of differences in the structure of financial firms’ business operations.

When considering these reports, you should not rely on the data as the sole basis for any financial decision-making. Consumers should seek advice before making any financial decisions.

To the extent permitted by law, AFCA accepts no liability for any losses arising out of improper use, or release, of this information.

Statistical notes for all tables

Many of the charts and tables in the AFCA Datacube use percentages. Some percentages have been rounded to the nearest whole number. Because of this, the percentages in a chart or table might not add up to 100. A single complaint can have multiple products and issues, and therefore the data may not add up to the total complaints received, progressed or closed.

The complaint data was validated with financial firms and is a snapshot as at the end of the validation period in May 2022. Differences may exist with other reporting due to the threshold we apply for statistical significance and the timing of the data extraction.